From Stealing To Healing.

I used to be a thief, i loved oing into peoples sheds are removing anything of value. I then went on to stealing caravans and trailer tents. One day i decided i have enough. I stopped. I moved away from Manchester and temptation and now live in Dorset.
I started a business as a contract cleaner and things where going well but after five year i had to give it up because of back problems. When we had quite periods i would go and visit friends in Manchester and while there i was told about Reiki healing. I asked my friend how it works but she did not know she had only heard of it. But she said you can leant to heal other people. I was blown away and could not stop thinking of Reiki and how it could possibly work.
When i got back to work one of my staff said her husband had some Reiki on his back last night. I told her i have heard of this before and want to learn. I got the address of the Reiki master. I learned Reiki one two and Reiki master within a year.
I feel when i help someone by removing pain or depression i am giving back for the wrongs i have done in the past.
I love healing.
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2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

I am a nurse and when i help to people it is wondeful, one thing that keeps me inspired is the notion that we are not the healers with the riki but the person recieving it is, for perhaps they are they true healer. I feel this way because sometimes people benifit from it and change before my eyes and then when i leave they are right back wher ethey statrted from. Others take ti and run and fulfill there dreams and move towards satisfying there souls. We all are capable of such healing giving and recieving. But just remember to recieve for yourself, there must be an equal energy exchange as not to get sad, and drinks los of water too! and..... be proud of who you are.:)

Thanks for sharing this with us... what a wonderful story... very inspirational...<br />