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Sometimes I don't feel alone, which is all fine and dandy, but sometimes I really feel alone. I find myself feeling alone most in the friends department. These are my closest friends: Kaitlyn, Justine, Alex, Jazmine, Frankie, Christy, Jodie, and Audrey. Most of my alone feelings have been the worst since it is summer and I've wanted to tell one of my friends but since this applies to them all I just feel like I would be complaining. First is Kaitlyn, who I haven't been the closest with since I was in grade eight. She usually ignores me and talks to people without realizing I'm there. She also talk about and makes plans to go out and have a fun time with people when I'm standing right there. Next is Justine, who usually follows me around a lot at school, so much it gets annoying, but forgets my existance when Christy and Frankie come up in the summer, she also tends to be really mean to be also and puts me and things I like down. The next friend is Alex. I don't want to sound mean or anything, but my friend Alex is a real self centered ***** who's life revolves around her cell phone. She used to be the person who I could have really long deep conversations with but now I find myself being completely forgotten about, she doesn't even talk to me anymore. My next friend is Jazmine, who is one of closest friends, but tends to forget about me and treats me like I'm an annoying little kid, which I don't think I am. She is also glued to her cell phone, but even more so than Alex, she sextes (sex text messages) to people all the time when I'm there. Frankie is someone I've recently gotten close to, but I only really talk to her in the summer, when she is online she only ever talks to Justine, even though she says that Justine is mean and that she really doesn't like talking to her. Christy recently hates me for a reason I don't know why, like Kaitlyn she makes plans with other people right in front of me, but she does them more extremely. Her Justine and I had planned on going back to Connetuict with her (where she lives) for a week this summer but she brought up at camp: "Hey Justine, you still want to come to Connetuict right?" and Justine said "Yeah, but Bev will have to work for me." but I was invited.... Next was when we were at the hair salon, it was Justine, Frankie, her, and I and she said: "We're going to the movies tomorrow to St. John, Justine, Frankie, you want to come?" she was emphazing that she said only Justine and Frankie's names. Jodie is someone who I barely ever see because she has "new" friends who are all cool and they drink and smoke all the time... And Audrey who I haven't known that long is vacationing in Calgary.. Anyways, that is what I have to say about my lonely self. I hope it doesn't sound too much like I am complaining, and I still love them all because I belive in forgiveness but sometimes, they all just hurt my feelings and I want to tell them but I feel I just can't.
Thanks for listening.
Love, Beverley.
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@1Star Auctually I don't have to end the friendships because I talked over what I was feeling with my friends and they said they are sorry and thought I was busy when they didn't include me, so it was more of a lack of communication. Plus when I wrote the story I was in a pretty bad mood, but thanks your care :) <3