Lost In This Place We Call Home

i always feel alone like no one ever try look for me or even care for me . it a feeling that i been having for the longest time to tell you the truth i dont even remember how it all started . it the worst feeling someone can ever have , i come from a really big family and yet i still feel like im all alone in the big world . no one get me understand what im going through , it runs through my head every minute of every day do any one care that  im here do any one that im hear . some many people come in and out my life so fast , for what reason i dont even know . people always tell me that they have my back they're always going to be there when i need them , but when i turn jst for a minute and look back there already half way gone and they dont even bother to look back or even say good-bye . WHY ?! why was i put here , jst to feel lost, alone, scared .....what is the reason ..... some times i cry , there nothing else to do just cry ... how would i ever be loved or even cared about some day ....that will be the day ....

ghost011 ghost011
18-21, M
3 Responses Dec 4, 2010

I feel your pain.I feel like I am outside wiping off a foggy window, looking inside to see everyone having fun knowing I don't belong in there. It really stinks to be alone and feel alone all the time the time .I wish I had a really true friend actually I wish I just had a friend.hope you start feeling better

we all have times when we feel alone and know one care about us and sometime it very hard .but sometime it doing thing for other that bring joy to are heart and makes us smile once God said we will never be along again .he with us and beside us no mater what we face and that make me smile knowing he is there but yes i do know how hard it can be the feeling alone but you can smile at this , that thair are other who feel the same way so in some ways you are not alone TOM

I can understand.. but to tell you the truth people are like the same... they will never change and you cannot change them .. you just can change yourself and your ideas .. So stop thinking then anyone will ever care for you.. Ignore people and they will run for you ... believe me , the only key is to just keep living in your way and dont worry about people. I know how much it hurts when people do so, so just leave and live.... forgive and forget.<br />
Wishing you a happy and care free life.