My Younger Sister Treats Me With Disrespect

I just ask that you talk to me as an equal, not put me down. Don't be patronizing either, it only makes me angrier, Don't tell me what to do then how to do it like I have no brain, that is disrespect, no, that is no trust; what have I done to lose your trust?! I have been kind to you for the majority of the time, I tolerate you when you are, quite bluntly, being a *****. I am tired of feeling like this, I am tired of being treated like some mentally retarded person who needs to be told every single little thing. I am tired of the double standards. We used to get along, but that has since changed. The only thing I can say is that karma will get you in the end. You crashing your car, that was a warning to drive more safely. You seem to have made slight improvements since then, but that is not the point I am trying to make clear. Treat me nicely and I will treat you nicely, it is that simple. I try to be nice to you, but when you come into where I am at and tell me what time it is, when I very well know what time it is, and what our parents wish of me, it gets on my nerves and I am sorry I am so blunt with my answers, that is a trait about me that some people hate, but you know what? Their trying to change what they cannot, I try to be a bit, how would I put this, nice to them and sugar coat my wording, but I hate how you have to lie to people to make them feel all warm and fuzzy. Do not take offense to what I say to you, I am just stating things how I see them, no BS. The trouble about the world is that people want to hear something that will make them feel good, something nice, sorry, but the world is not a nice place. I am a realist and I say things with no sugar coating, it is a hard pill to swallow sometimes, but there it is.
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5 Responses Dec 9, 2010

I know exactly how you feel, it's like an everyday thing now. But I just don't know what to do. She is like a rock, she doesn't listen! HELP

In sorry to hear that.My younger sister thinks she is some "princess" who controls me, I've told my mom for the pass year but nothing had changed. Any of u have advice?

Yes if your mother disrespects you then your siblings wont and all you can do is take the privalege of your presence away for good.

I have some of these kind ....I too have some of my sisters who disrespect me because my mother allows them to do so. I tried to talk to my mother to resolve this issue, but she did not listen.<br />
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I simple now just don't listen to them at all..For me it works fabulously.

Wow, same thing with me. As an adult now I havenoticed that the respect level has never changed. Growing up my mom allowed my siblings who were 3 and 4 years younger than me to speak so us however but,now as an adult I've been trying to find a way to escape the disrespectful manner in which they speak to me....although I love them, sometimes keeping a good distance is the best way to go.

I feel your pain man. Im going through something very similar right now with my roommates who use to be my friends but now living together has ruined it.. they are my only friends left after high school and stuff. I dont know what to do. Best of luck to you man.