I'm So Alone!

I am the girl with a lot to say, I'm very open minded.Why do I feel so alone? It's big world outside my home and I'm scared. There, I said it... I'm scared!  I guess you can say I'm not looking to belong, I'm just looking for the right people to opn up to. I just reccently found out that my friends were not true friends so I had to be strong and in the end, I'm lonelier then ever.  I have one true that I can talk to and hang out with, I'm so greatful for her. I* know that I could have it worse but I've been through a lot and I don't think I've ever felt this low.  Maybe it's because I'm finally over my past? I just want to open up and let my true colours show. I'm not scared of people, I'm scared of rejection. I'm so badly hurt, I lost all my friends all at once.

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you've never lost your friends, they're just acquaintances who come in go, and you can't never rely on.<br />
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that one friend is the true best one, and you never need to think about the quantity, because friends are never meant to be to just show off, friends are meant to cover each others' back and help them, in sadness and happiness. Friends are like a tree ; wind sometimes blow out too much and break some branches, but what matter is the roots, if it's strong enough, then the tree keeps on living, and branches continue growing back even much more from before.<br />
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If you went to a party, you would introduce to some new faces, they might make you laugh out loud, but it's potential that you'll never see their faces again. Your true friend ain't a joker to make you laugh all time; true friend give you heart-breaking advices might even make you cry because he's the one who cares about you, and he/she wants you better than that...he/she is just pushing you to the top when you listen to him/her...he/she would be a great friend of mine two ^_^<br />
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Don't you ever say you're alone again because you have that special person beside you <br />
and I'm keen he/she will be your best BFF you've ever seen !

You are the one person you can count on. No matter what.believe in yourself and friends will come. Keep them if they are good for you and let them go if they are not. Look out for yourself and stay positive. There will always be times you feel alone don't let that over take you. Finding a site like this one to find anyone to talk to is very helpful.

You will find that over a full lifetime, u,ll only be able to count the ammount of<br />
true friends you have on one hand. thats average for everyone!<br />
People dont come with stickers on them saying "u can trust me"<br />
Its not a case of trusting folk, its a case of not trusting them, till you<br />
think u know them well enough to confide in them!..... getting hurt is hard.<br />
"but" for allsorts of reasons, jealosy, revenge, drunkeness, or just pure gossip.<br />
people like to pass on other peoples ups or downs.<br />
dont be put off by this, put it down to experiance.<br />
ur parents are allways good to talk to, if not ur doctor is a good bet.<br />
Hope this helps... God bless.