Locked Mind

There is nothing more depressing to find that you're all alone, when there are so many people around you. They all say "Be strong, i'm here for you" but at the end of the day, it doesn't mean anything, sometetimes words are just words- completely void of all emotion. They don't make any difference, you're still alone inside. The last time i checked there isn't a key to unlock the human mind. People always say they understand what you're going through, but all you want to do is scream, because they will never know what's really going on inside your head. You paint a blank mask upon your face to hide the blatant truth, that you're alone and that there is no saving you. But some insist on believing that they can see through it. But what they're seeing is just make believe. Sometimes all you want to do is cry and never stop, but what's the use it doesn't take away the pain, it just makes you feel worse. I hate it when they say "Don't cry, it will be okay" because there is no guarentee that it will! They cannot possiibly know the future, so how can they tell me it will be okay? It will NEVER be okay, because there is no entrance to get into my head and fix the problem. It's too late I can't be fixed- I'm all alone
Kdamita Kdamita
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If youd like to talk message me, i can relate to the false accusations of life. its a cruel thing and sometimes its not rather what you say than what you can do to move forward in life, im a open guy to chat with and it hurts to be alone. I dont really know your story but ive been though alot and maybe i cant fix it but ill be willing to listen to what you have to say. Life is unexpected and sometimes its hard to deal with it because your right about that but sometimes it will be okay other times it wont, im not the beat around the bush kind of person because its bullshit, anyways we can chat if your interested in the real story. Im not about to sugar coat ****

I won't say I know how you feel, or I know what you're going through, because honestly, I don't. What I will say is that I know how what it means to be alone (ba<x>sed on my experience.) There a lot of fake people in the world who will listen to your problems but will refuse to be part of any kind of solution. Whenever I feel alone I will blame those who ignore me and brush me off, I will blame society, I will blame the world. But, in the end, I begin to blame myself for my feelings. I own these feelings and they won't go away, they're in my head. <br />
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All I can tell you to do is to be strong. There is no shame in feeling sad when you're alone, it's human nature to want to be loved and recognized. People will tell you that you have to make your own solutions, that you cannot sit around and be sad all the time. But honestly, being sad and being allowed to cry and vent (even if it doesnt solve anything immediately) is the best solution out there for this sort of thing. It's the only way you'll sort yourself out of a problem like this. The only way to get through a storm is to endure it. Whenever I feel lonely I do one of two things, I either reach out to my girlfriend and just hold her for a while (if you don't have a significant other you can suppliment with a stuffed animal or a pet, hell even a pillow can do the trick :) ), or (if I feel like crying) I will lie in bed and, while crying, talk aloud about how I feel. I will listen to what I say and, when I am done, I will laugh about how rediculous I must look/sound, lying in my bed and talking "to myself." <br />
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I don't mean to ramble hear but I am just saying that it shouldn't be all bad, happiness can be found in the darkest of places, even if you're by yourself.

Thank you :) i find it hard to talk to myself though, maybe i'll talk to my baby sister, at least she can't judge or say anything really except baby talk. Thanks for trying to be nice :) i appreciate your comment

All of these comments and stories are so wise and decent. I am greatly suffering from loneliness and depression that it feels so hopeless at times. It is hard to feel the future will bring relief when the past and present are so bleak. Shakespeare once said anyone can cure a grief except he/she who has it. I'm thankful for our little community.

Exactly, I hate that kind of thing too and it makes me sick too, so many people say just empty words, makes me ill.

I know, for me it does seem impossible that my problems could ever in a million years be 'fixed', i also know that i am the maker of my own destiny so yes, i still have hope, but that doesn't mean i'm not alone. Thanks for the advice though, i appreciate, i really do

You're right, no one should ever say they know how you feel, because we have our own unique things that we are going through. I don't know why you feel so alone, so I can't assume anything.<br />
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But, what I do know from my own experience is that problems can be fixed, it may seem unpossible, but they can be. It's all up to you and how you deal and cope with what you are going through. You could just throw in the towel and give up, or you can stand up and say I refuse to live this way and I'm going to change it. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with all of our negitive thoughts that go through our mind and we start to believe them. You can always replace the negitive thoughts with positive ones. Changing the way you think and see things.<br />
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Affirmations are good to use, you can read them online, and you can print them and hang them were you can see them or make your own mantra board full of them and the things you like. Writting in a journal helps and taking walks to clear your head. <br />
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How you want to approach this problem is up to you, changing it is up to you and taking action is up to you. The one thing that we all have in common is that we all go through challanges in life, it's how we overcome them is the difference between us. <br />
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You're a pretty girl that feels a tremendous amount of lonliness, sorrow and anger, u also don't believe things will change. Things will and can change. You're the dealer in your own deck of cards. Don't just sit there and let this take over your life, get up and find solutions, start living life, find humor and laugh, and never give up hope.