Mathew 21:22 is a verse in the bible that means nothing. I at one point in time, considered myself a christian. I've done good deeds out of the kindness of my heart. I wasn't looking for payment, just to spread sheer goodness. However that saying, no good deed goes unpunished is very real for me. This world, this country is selfish and greedy. I feel alone because I don't see anyone here who's not out for themselves. From kids to adults everyone is self-centered. The people that I've help have always said, God put you in my life, but I wonder why God put them in my life. I don't understand human beings need for manipulation and to cause suffering. I can't believe that kindness is mistaken for weakness. It's seriously sad that the rich get richer and the poor don't get a f*ckin thing. I feel this is a cruel game that rigged so that the house always wins.
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feel the same way. someday we will meet others like us. hopefully

You can only do the best you can, and religion doesn't come into that. There are all kinds of people with all kinds of needs, worldwide.

I too was raised as a Christian (Methodist). The Vietnam War cured me But guess what? I am a good person and i am loved. I do things for people every day that would normally cost them an arm and a leg (Photography - I am a pro and do unique work) People are so astounded that i asked for nothing that they go out and do something kind for someone else. i have also adopted several families in the Philippines over the past couple of years (USD goes a lot further over there than it does here and the recipients are eternally grateful) I am proud to say i helped them through some tough situations, they have bettered themselves, and now they are passing it on. They think I am an Angel and that God (they are predominantly Catholic) has sent me to them. They have been able to accept the fact that my beliefs are no longer based on Christianity and the love me in spite of it. I am so proud to be part of their lives and thought of in a good light on a daily basis. I have a big heart and the ability to change lives like that and it has nothing to do with God or Christ. i am not a non-believer. i am just a man who knows what is right and what is not

You rock!

I understand because I too feel that Ive done far too many things and have too many regrets, but even so, Im here and im interested on what you have to say so believe that there are some of us who may be just a bit different and may want to know about you.