I am married with 1 child (daughter), 3 brothers and a mom.  My dad passed away last year.  I sometimes feel like nobody sees or hears me at home or work.  I know my husband loves me, but he works alot and we live in the country away from friends and family.  Alot of the time its just my daughter and me and I feel like I could lose my mind.  She is 3 and is still in her terrible twos.  I just feel lost as a person and parent.
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why can't all the people who are alone be together......!!

Hi im feeling with you,Im a man divorced,i have one son,he 7 years old,the goverment in sweden have taken away my son from me,i have him only ones in a time in month some hours,im so frystrated about that i cant have my son home with me so i understand you when you say you are alone,its many people who is alone,<br />
i hope i will have my son back some day before he grown up<br />
story from morten

I understand completely. I am in a large city but yet I still feel alone. So it does not matter where you are as to whether you feel alone or not. It's what is going on inside of us that makes us feel that way.