Yeah But

Feeling alone is not the same as feeling lonely I think.

If I'm feeling alone, it means I have no one to depend upon.
It means I am free to do whatever I want without being accountable to anyone.
It means I will take decisions for myself.

Of course it would also imply I'm lonely. But that is not the case. For better or worse.
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2 Responses Apr 25, 2012

By the same token, a person can be lonely whilst mingling in a crowded room ! It is definitely a state of mind rather than a location. I enjoy my *alone* time as well as my time with company. Mostly I enjoy making that decision for myself rather than feeling any sense of obligation

I guess alone is just not having someone around, whereas lonliness is being lonely involuntarily.<br /><br />

By now I'm getting so confused i'll just call them the same

:-+ Maybe you need a break from thinking too much. :-)