The Power Of Innocence

I was feeling very overwhelmed today.... my little boy was so demanding so I thought, I would take him to the park to  find some kids to play with, and I could just have a little time to myself and gather my thoughts.

While my little one was playing on one of the climbing equipment he got stuck and called out for me to go and help him.
As I was trying to get him off, before I even got a chance to blink, like honey to a bee, I had four little girls that were  playing close by zoom in around us, and all wanted to play with me. 

First I thought to myself..." I came here for my little boy to play so I can have a few minutes to myself " I quickly realised that this was not going to happen so, I just went with it. 
The little girls were aged from 4 ( like my little boy) and the oldest was eight.
We started having little conversations and I was helping all of them including my boy on this climbing equipment. 
After a few minutes, I noticed that my boy was getting ready to jump and I could see that this was dangerous so, I called out " Nikolas I don't think it is a good idea for you to jump off, please climb down". 

While I was watching my son make his way safely down,the eight year old girl came up to me and just randomly said..." Do you know that I have to little brothers...we wanted to name one of them Nick but our surname is Gersoff soooooo, we thought it would not be a good idea....hahahahahaha...can you imagine when he was at school...hahahahahaha Nick Gersoff....hahahahahahaha! Do you get what it sounds like....hehehehehehehe" 

I stood there for a sec and then cracked up laughing...OMG ! How funny would that be!


I then asked my son if he would like to go to the swings on the other side of the park, the little girls decided that they would also we were walking one of them looked at me and said..." You are very pretty" while the other one commented on how nice my shoes were.


The moral of my story is:


That when you least expect it the innocence of a child and there pure and wonderful nature can pull you out of the darkest hole that you may fall in.


I went home and felt soooo much better, even though I did not get the time to myself...I made 4 wonderful little girlfriends that played with my little boy and made me feel special with out even knowing it....


Thank you girls...may the sun always shine your way and the angels above embrace and guide you to a life of love, peace and happiness.
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Just one of life's little miracles.