Who Knows Anymore.

sometimes i feel like theres no way out.
god im going crazy
why the **** did i say god i dont even believe in god.
i feel as if im gonna off myself any day now.
this relationship
is deadly.
This feeling is toxic.
though i dont know why i say that
Contempting suicide is a no biggy, how many times have i attempted this now? more then 3 a week. for 2 years. on and off again.
Highschools lame.
my boyfriends lame.
my life is lame.
hahahahahahahahhhaah wait i take that back! he isnt lame oh how i love him.
but love who cares thats not enough to stay together or even alive. since we fight more then we love.
ahhhh the pills r kicking in that feels nice.
should be happy now soon. (:
AdriansGflol12 AdriansGflol12
1 Response May 20, 2012

I'm sorry....I truly understand....You are not alone, your worth it and please know even though I'm just a stranger writing I understand, and I'm here for you!