Right Now

I feel very alone right now.
I just had a little argument with my boyfriend. He accused me of something and didn't even let me answer to it. I don't like that at all. And I'm pretty angry right now. Usually it makes me feel better to know that there is a good friend I could call now. But he made me angry today too (maybe I'm easy so flip off, but anyway he never has time for me and that's annoying as hell) and I can't call him now. My very best friend is someone I could absolutely call right now but I don't really want to. I don't feel like talking to him.
So in the end I have great people in my life I love but I feel so alone right now.
Monstermosaik Monstermosaik
22-25, F
1 Response May 25, 2012

the best and the worst of both worlds: best friend into lover.