The Truth Will Set You Free?

This time I am going to be honest & tell people how I feel.
Funny, I can tell strangers all my problems & friends and family..nothing.
So, here I go.
I am suffocating & don't know what to do. I am 16 and only had a kiss once,just on the lips. All my close-friends have boyfriends or is talking to someone. I feel like I am nobody, who can't get anyone. They say teen years are suppose to be your best, but not for me so much. But, I am never asked if I am okay, I guess I must be a pretty good faker(:
Sometimes, I want to cut myself or something, just because I am smothering so much..
Sometimes, I wish I was having real problems like people who have gone through so much. But, truth is, I went through so little.
Sometimes, I envy people who have gone through so much. I just want to see who would care and get actually asked if i was okay and i would actually..say...yes. A lot of times I pretend to be down and upset, so I could see how many people cares. I am so confused. I am just tired of it all. I am shy a lot of times, but i try to be talkative, but it never plans out for the best.
So, the truth will set you free?
I don't feel free, yet.

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1 Response Jun 28, 2012

I felt the same pain you are going through when I was 16. Like almost to the dot. I had a great friend really my only one. But always had a girlfriend, I on the other hand had .... well 1 thats was great at the time while it lasted. I was all ways feeling like a washout, my Buddy was the only one who every asked me if I was ok. I never could tell him that I was lonely and hated everything. It took 3 years for someone to notice that i was unhappy. But what you need to do is just find your niche. thats what i do now do to my job Its hard to keep relations even with my family so i just ride up to the mountains on my bike.