If I.......

ive felt like this all my life now its more serious its messing me up i feel if i told friends how i feel or what goes on in my mind they would think im crazy im at the point where i want help i wanna get medication things get to me i take things too seriously i am easily startled i feel worthless sometimes. I feel like im headed nowhere in life like this is a dead end i think of death what if i died what will people remember about me noone knows abou this friends family so on.....  i hide my feelings thats what i do i joke around with people but what they dont know is that there a very serious side of me they dont know about i hide thats what i do i wanna se a psyh. but dont have the money to go right now but i will soon i just wanna get messed up but i know it doesnt help if i were to tell a friend hey sometimes i feel so worthless i feel so alone i feel noone wants a damn thing to do with me i feel nervous over little things and so one they would think im crazy i hope to meet a friend on here to relate to what im writing.................
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2 Responses Apr 28, 2007

I feel the exact same way. <br />
When I think about it, it makes me sick to my stomach..I feel like I'm completely crazy too. maybe i am..who knows..I hardly have friends to top it off too. <br />
If you ever want to talk feel free to message me or something. Good luck with everything.

Your story is my story exactly. I am in therapy right now. I do get worried over nonsense. but I cant help it. Alcohol does not help me anymore. I cant drink enough of it to feel better. My wife is so angry, She is leaving me. She is too angry to care if I self injure, I cut my self. I know what it is to feel worthless. I have always failed at my relationships. Time to put away that fantacy. I was meant to be alone.