AHHHHHHHHH why do people ingnore me I feel like I am invisible, I am in such an angry mood right now and it always people who say they are your "freinds" and even my family lately, just because I have moved away from home does not mean I don't exist and it is always me who has to make the effort to see them they never come and see me, calll me or not even a ******* e-mail . then you call them up an they are like "oh it you urmm how its going yeh sorry I never called you back just been really busy, can I call you back later?" FFS -_- :(
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I had the same issue when i moved away and its ****. I cant offer you much advice but I can tell you, you are not alone. I sincerely hope that things get better for you. :)

Being on your own can be a *****... Are you far away from where you were living before? Of course, telephones work no matter... I hope it gets better for you soon...:)

i can understand why u smoke man.... same here.. i feel very alone.. :/ even my familty dont care

aww i'm sorry you feel this way...you would be amazed how often i wake up and one of my first thoughts is that i have to go on fb or experience project, etc to see if anyone somewhat remembered/loves me that day. and when my worst suspicions are confirmed~that i am quite possibly unloveable~i sit here in my pain and think, "love me love me love me, where are you?"