Life Seems Pointless

God knows why I feel so alone all the time. No matter what I do the feeling never goes away, its been years and years. Im just tired of always being like this, some days I pretend that everythings fine and my life is fine and all is well, and I crank up the music so that in a way im not completely alone with just my thoughts. But obviously, at the end of the day, I can pretend all I want, but as always I will still feel completely and utterly alone.
And every night I many others out there feel the same? What the hell is the actual point in getting up everyday and pretending to be fine infront of everyone else when you know, you sure as hell know that nothing is fine.

I know this was the vaguest thing ever and probably seems pointless but I had to get it out, sorry if you feel i've wasted your time.
Kimantha Kimantha
Sep 20, 2012