Sometimes I feel that the only people who actually like me are online friends or are just trolls pretending to be my friends so they can stab me in the back later.

I'm just not sure, I mean I have a lot of friends in real life but it can be hard for me to find decent enough friends online.

I only wish there were some others out there that understood me.
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

I think I'm the opposite, I don't have friends in real life, only online but that only depends if they also feel like talking to me too

It's ******, it really is. I would suggest finding some friends on the outside. It's easy to ignore somebody online, but in the real world it's pretty much unavoidable. Finding RL friends is not easy but it's worth the work in most cases.

true but when you're in the situation I'm in it's extra hard to find people who even want to be around you .

I feel your pain. Sometimes when I have free time I just sit here on the computer waiting for someone to talk to. It's constantly disappointing. You are not alone.