Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, I was a little girl with dreams of a knight on a white horse coming to rescue me from my dysfunctional and crazy family. I imagined he'd whisk me away, give me a beautiful fantasy wedding, and we'd live happily ever after in a white picket fenced house with lots of children, horses, and joy. I dreamed a lot of things when I was young (don't we all), and like 99% of us, it never came true. My knight was replaced by a self-centered a-hole who only liked me for my savings account. Never pretty or thin enough for him. My "rescue" was replaced with running away at 2am one morning to go move in with him. My fantasy wedding was replaced by me in a prom dress saying vows in front of a courthouse with about 12 members of his family and none of mine. He didn't want children until we were "financially stable" which, considering we were about $20k in debt only 4 months into our marriage, would never happen.My happily ever after turned into a nightmare of debt, cheating, hatred, intolerance, arguments, lies, ambivalence, and tears. This is my love story.

~~Damned Aphrodite
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Jan 9, 2013