i don't know where to start...its weird because i think that i go through for periods of time i feel that there is no one out there that i can talk to. it weigh to heavy on my heart. then i get lost in thought and the wanting to cry tries to get the best of me. even when im with the closest of people in my life i feel that they are all enjoying life while i am still stuck at square one with no one to help. i hate the feeling of being alone, but i cant control it! like today was my mothers birthday and my sisters and i were out in town. we were all togeather (sisters & mother) then on the way home i turned on my mp3 and felt so isolated. they were all having a good time by laughing and joking, but i just couldn't feel the same way. i tried but just couldn't! and i have no way to deal with it and when my older sister tells me something i feel even more isolated because none of them know how i feel. and to top it off i feel even worse because i dont look like any of my parents of my sisters! like they are all skinny and i am a nasty fat pig! ISOLATION IS SLOWLY KILLING ME!
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18-21, F
1 Response May 23, 2007

I think your first step should be to learn to love yourself for who you are.<br />
Perhaps talk to your doctor bout whats worrying you!<br />
these 2 steps alone will make great changes in your life.<br />
Good luck n God bless.