It Seems Like No One Could Giva Fug What I Doing

feeling alone so alone like i trapped in a corner in a cold dark room screaming out for help but it feels as if nobody gives a **** or even gives a damn that i screaming for help i trying to get strong but it don't look like it will b getting easier any time soon i messed up in the past and i guess this what i get or something i don't know so wanna shut the world make it go away by my self witch not working good
bbygirl55 bbygirl55
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

you are only 17, this will most definitely pass & you won't feel like this forever. you are at a funny age regarding the way you feel. don't worry.

*hugs you tight* i care for you. i am sorry that you feel that way. i am sorry for not being good enough to help you.

its not you its everyone else you do help me a lot

I am glad to know that I help you a lot

me to

please be okay. i need you


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