I Am Soo Alone I Don't Know What To Do

At school I'm bullied and not many people talk to me
At home my parents act like I'm not there sometimes.

I just want someone who I can talk to and be happy with because at the moment I have none of this. I spend my lunches at school in an ict room or our library just so I don't get bullied and beaten up and at home I just sit in my room on my iPod or phone

My life is soooo unfair

How do I be happy?
I'm 13 and my life already sucks

I just need some advice
TylerDePiteeyord TylerDePiteeyord
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I went through the exact same thing when I was your age. Here's what I would do: Start playing sports, you will gain weight and feel more socially acceptable if you have the right weight for your height. Sounds like since you are underweight, that is really leading to a lack of confidence in you. Swim, or lift weights a little bit.
Also, get more involved in clubs at school, such as music and reading. Start learning how to play an instrument--it will help you to forget the pain you are feeling, even if temporarily, and make a world of difference.
Read books about people's lives--how did they cope with these same type of feelings. You are not alone...Hope this helps...

You only need to make one friend at school, as long as he's big. Make friends with someone big and there'll be no bullying while he's present. .. My advice sucks, sorry I haven't got better stuff to say. Even though I felt the same way at school I didn't really learn how to cope with it myself. =/