Nobody There For Me :[

first of all, my parents are divorced and my dad lives across the country. hes married to a rlly young girl who he ditched my mom for, and hes pretty much a wimp. i live with my mom and she can be a -insert horrible words here- . i can't ever tell her anything. sometimes, when i do tell her things, she'll just go over to my church and tell a youth pastor who tries to 'fix my life' for me. its seriously annoying. i have one good friend, but i can't talk to her cuz she never takes it seriously, and she woudn't want to listen to me anyway. i have so much going on right now and theres no one to talk to :[ sometimes i just lay in bed and cry and wish that there was someone who would care about me. i know this sounds like a sob story but its the only way i know how to put it lol. but long story short i have no one there for me and that makes my life miserabele

alonely352 alonely352
1 Response Feb 9, 2009

i know how you feel...<br />
but everything will be ok