I want a husband that loved me for me with all my imperfection... I have flaws I am not prefect. I just want to be loved and shown that I am love. Talk to me tell me what you need touch me hold me calm me of my fears encourage me as I will do all these things for you not just for one day a week or a month but for the rest of our life's... Continue to work with me through communication don't shut me out love and respect is found through continually communication and working towards unity as one I am not a mind reader and I do not expect for you to be I want you to be my lover and my friend my partner in life to explore the world as much as we can together to battle adversities together protect me from the ugly and the ruthless be strong yet balanced between the out side world and home know that when I haven't seen you all day I miss you and can't wait for your touch even if I say what are you doing I am trying to cook dinner here I still want you to hug me or offer a kiss am in need of a life partner that understands me
just2lovelee just2lovelee
46-50, F
1 Response Aug 16, 2014

Their is nothing impossible honey,,,, u will find ur partner soon ,,, just believe in urself ,,, and u r not imperfect ,,,