Recently one of my best friends and I have been getting in fights a lot, and I'm terrified that we won't be friends anymore because of what happened today. We both used our mutual friend to have this fight, and our mutual friend was thinking I was right. Then something happened and all of a sudden I realized that mine and my best friend's friendship is toxic for me at least because I'm just not happy. We both said some nasty and terrible things about the other, but I have a history of self harming, and our mutual friend knows it, so after I admitted that everything going wrong in the friendship is my fault (I'm an extremely insecure person a lot) she starts worrying about me, so I turned off my phone and now I'm afraid to confront her on it. I just feel really alone because I'm not close w my family and a lot of my friends don't know all the bad that's happened to me, so I just feel alone and like I have no one to talk to.
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