Even when im not alone, on the inside i feel all alone. Everyone i start to care about leaves me. I don't know why but it always seems to happen. When I try to sleep i cant because all i can think about are the people who aren't there anymore. I try really hard to keep going and be happy but it gets so hard sometimes. The more people i lose the harder it is for me to open up. I've struggled with deppression and anxiety, gotten into alcohol and pot, recovered from them tho. I self harm and have tried to kill myself. Everyone says im getting better, i guess thats true but some nights it gets so hard to stay on the positive side. I just realized the real reason i started smoking. Ifind it kinda funny. Its another form of self harm but the twist is that it's socially acceptable no one knows of the slow suicide im creating. Thanks for listening, i needed to get it off my chest...😌
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18-21, F
Aug 18, 2014