Every day is a war to survive. My parents have mentally put me down and destroyed my spirit. My mother drinks and my father manipulates. Tonight my mother called me self centered, selfish, that I have no friends, that I use my family and do nothing for them.
I have tried as long as I have been breathing to do good for a family of lazy, complaining, people who allowed my brother to almost stab me growing up because he got mad at me. When I clean, I get bitched at for it. Not perfect. Not what they wanted. I try working while dealing with ollege alone and fibromyalgia pains they think are fake. I went to family and friends and have told them more than written here. They all left. I have my boyfriend/soulmate who supports and wants to help me, but tonight, right now, I feel alone. I have nowhere to go... I wish I could find a safe place to be away from here....
PikaSue PikaSue
22-25, F
Aug 22, 2014