I just started high school yesterday and I feel so alone. No one talks to me and to be honest, I talk to no one. All of my friends from middle school went to a different high school, so while everyone already has and knows their friends I have nobody. My dream would be able to go the high school that my friends are going to, but it's to expense for my parents, which is why I am going to public school now. I guess the worst part is that I have no one to talk to, I would talk to my parents, but I can't help but think that they would feel bad for not being able to send me to the school of my choice. I was just laying in bed, trying to cry as silently as I could. I really hope tomorrow is better....
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Try your best! I always go by this rule better left alone than get bullied even though that I have never been bullied. I do still know how you feel.