it all started when i was 6 years old... and it went until i was eleven... i was sexually abused by my brother i got the courage up one day to tell my parents but they didn't believe me cause i was alot younger then my brother So i went to school and told the counselor they called my parents and ask them if they knew if this was going on and they said NO.. i just dont understand why they would do that... the counselor told my parents that i would not be coming home... i was in at least 3 different foster homes and 3 different schools. one night my parents even walked in on my brother but they just told him to go back to his room and he did and  sooo did they... but how can a parent see that and not do anything at all... my brother and my parents put me through hell... the point is that i just turned 18 and the judge said that when i turn 18 then i could start seeing my brother again and i could even spend the night with him... he lives with my grandmother and he is 23 years old... that weekend after my birthday i went to see him and i spent the night.... and it was fine for a while but then i didnt feel comfortable around him and i stopped going down there or i just told him lies.... i told my mom how i was feeling and she told my grandmother... which is her mom and she said that i should not feel this way and its not right that i dont want to come see him or even spend time with him... and that really hurt me... i just dont know what do do anymore about it... and it not like he can just say sorry to me and i would forgive him and to this day I'm not close to anyone in my family...... the hell that they put me througt i will always remember what happened to me and never forget it!!!!!

please help me:)

i feel alone and left out:( WHAT WOULD YOU DO??)

mandy101 mandy101
Mar 22, 2009