Am I the Only One?

Am I the only one who sometimes is sad, because i have nothing to be sad about? Am I the only one out there who feels guilty about holding anger towards a friend who is dating their ex, but cant seem to forgive them, but at the same time I don't want to let go of them as friends? Is it odd that I drown all my sorrows in music, and have racked up the itunes bill, because buying music makes me feel better? I'm currntly suffering depression, but no one seems to understand me. It's so hard to live every day, when every day I wish I could dissappear. I feel ugly and worthless. Stupid and selfish. Confused and alone.....does anyone else feel this way?

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8 Responses Aug 22, 2007

This is exactly how I feel. Everyday I wake up hoping I die or get hit, I have to put a fake smile on everyday before i go to school. I cut myself whenever I get the chance, it feels like I'm the only one. I get called names everyday,soo much I'm actually starting to belive them. I wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for my ex girlfriend, I would be dead right now. I don't know if I am depressed or I'm just sad for no reason.

everyone in this life face alot of these bad moments that sometimes u feel that u hate yourself u hate your name or every action u do but belive me Allah is there . i don't know if u r muslim or not but if u arn't so iam telling u about our islam that sobhanallah its right that i feel and face bad time and i feel depression and sometimes i just feel that i want to cry but when i feel that Allah is there 4 me and he will never leave me alone (I BECAME HAPPY AND RELAXED SO I WISH U THE BEST )

You need to do things for you of course your not alone, depression is common. I feel like I'm going nuts crying when nothings wrong, but life goes on and I'm still breathing so put a smile on your face and try to cheer up find something worth living for maybe a career or a friend what ever you need!

Right now, Im also feeling depressed. i've been feeling very lonely all this time. I know everyone ones feels this, but I think I feel it more than anyone I know. It's not like I dun have friends. Why am I feeling lonely? Its vacation, and my cellphone hasnt ringed for once. My friends dun call me very often, Im usually the one calling them. I feel tired this way. Everyday seemed so worthless. It feels like Im not doing anthing at all. And my existence is so vague

Hey dont worry ur not the only one, i feel the same as well, all my friends have dumped me over the past six months, its been horrible, but dont worry things will get better, cause one day someone will need you and you will be there to listen.

You're not alone. I feel depressed right now, and I've got my music playing too. I think we'll survive...even if we feel like we don't even want to be alive right now.

I am not looking foreward to that same thing. You are not alone. I already try to not think about anything in my ex's life and future. It is none of my business. It is unhealthy thinking. Your friend is not your friend. Let both of them go.

we all have problems, we all feel depressed about sumthing or confused that why did it happen with me only. why me ? but people just go on with their lives, keeping aside their feeling of guilt, anger, and frustration. and trust me slowly but surely u will grow out of it. make sure u get hang of some good memories, good books and relegion. whatever u have experienced, it will only make u stronger.