Not Lonely, Just Alone

I have many people who call themselves my friends. But when I need that shoulder, I always get- oh yeah, you should be in my shoes or, you think that's bad, wait till I tell you this one.  I have a few ailments, one being that I am bipolar. Every time I get a down spell, I hear- pull yourself out of it. Alone is so much worse than lonely. Lonely, you can go find someone or pick up the phone. Alone, well there's always the computer, right? At least here there might be some one who understands.

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4 Responses Feb 16, 2010

i think i may understand what you mean.<br />
i also feel alone, and not lonely. it still seems like a thorn in the side, but it almost feels beneficial from a social perspective?<br />
i also have friends, really good ones. close, you know. but if i'm honest, i can't say i trust anyone.<br />
not maliciously, but just honestly i suppose.<br />
<br />
an odd one isn't it.

I don't think i can relate but i know how you feel, everyone around me left or don't see me as anything, it's hard to express I think when feeling alone, i hope you the best, i'm sorry i don't have any good advice for you at all.

I feel that way all the time ever since my friends moved away to college and what not. What i find is the best cure, for me anyway, is time. I can only let things run its course until one day, i feel better. One can't just snap out of it like that. People who say that you can probably have never felt this way before.

yeah, i mean no one really tells me that their experiences are worse than mine but i do hear alot from people to just "pull yourself out of it". and i totally agree with you that feelling alone and lonely are way different.<br />
the only problem is when i feel alone i never have anyone there. and its like i cant breathe. like i always have to have someone near when i get those moments of feeling super alone. it sucks