Feeling Alone, Trying To Combat It

I seem to have plenty of people in my life, and don't get me wrong I do have good friends who when I'm out for the count I can rely on.  It's the evenings that get me. I don't have people around during that time. Four walls seem to come closer and close in at times. The cat is of comfort, but there is only so much you can say to a cat..  I had a friend who would be here most evenings, it was great to see him and share things/time together. That's faded away now, and it's back to me.  Always it comes back to me. I know that part of loving myself, is self acceptance - but I need people.  I am not an island, and I don't like to float alone. I try cranking up the music, and occasionally get online which takes away some of the loneliness..but doesn't completely destroy it.  where to from here??

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". . . it's back to me. Always it comes back to me . . . . . . self acceptance . . . . . . I need people . . ." These lines all resonate deeply with me, so that I feel I know what you speak of. It isn't all the time, either, but those times when being alone surrounds you and you wish someone was there to shoo it away. I wonder if the most blessed of us doesn't have this experience at least some of the time. How would we know good company and happiness if we couldn't experience the opposite as well. I know that isn't an answer, only something to ponder. Hope this doesn't get you down too often.


*blushing* oh my you are a slick one aren't you. Keep darling, these puppies need to breathe anyways

I promise.. and you can keep the socks *grins at Ollies bra that's now hanging from her finger*

I'll give your back your socks if your promise not to leave...Us Canadian's get lonely too ya know :D

*cuddles up close to Ollie* ahhh you stole my socks!

Come over herrrrrrrrre. I will polish your shoes and we can chat and be fuckards til the wee hours of the morning..<br />
<br />
And ok, an occasional smokey, smokey *wink*<br />
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*hugs you close and steals you socks* I'm slick like that muah!

Thanks.. yeah I do call my friends but they have families and can't always talk.. so I get online and find some solace here

I know how u feel. I always feel odd for saying that i'm alone because I have friends and family who care for me. But it's those times when you are alone when you feel like you have no one and it sucks. It's good that you try to distract yourself but perhaps you can call up one of your friends or do something you enjoy doing. I don't have the magic answer (I wish I did) but I hope you feel a little better.