I Made It This Way.

I don't want to trust them, i don't feel like i need to. I know they are there when i need them, I just don't want to tell anything.

I don't want to hear her talk about this and that so much, she just never seems to shuts up not even when i feel like sharing..

I don't want to trust him, i feel vurnerable if i do.But i know i can, i know he will listen if i tell him why i hate the world. but i want him too close, thats why he pushes away thats why he is the way he is now

My family, my closest friend, and my boyfriend.


I made it this way, I know they are there, i know if i lose them i will miss them, but i also know what i don't want, and what they want me to do is what i don't feel like doing. I made it this way, I have and will push them away. Because they deserve to be without me and not with someone that rather keeps eveything for her self.

I made it this way.

Andita Andita
Mar 14, 2010