I Can't Fit

Last night, I took up two seats on the subway. I also could barely stuff myself in the seat on the platform to wait for the subway. My fat was spilling over the seat. I can barely find clothes that fit anymore. I also almost broke a chair at my friends house and an armchair at my uncle's house. I take up most of a loveseat. Furniture moves when I plop in it. door handles sink into my belly when i press against them. i tried to get on a ride at a carnival ride and couldnt fit. i get disaproving looks at the grocery
obeseliz obeseliz
26-30, F
5 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Oh hon I wish I was as big as that now, It would save sooo much time, I could just get on with being fat and enjoying it ! but still gaining of course (lol)

My secret is I love at people

I want to get as big as you! Sexy!

You are without a doubt a very sexy, sensual woman. I do so wish you were my girlfriend. I adore you.

Wow. That is so sexy hearing about the things that you can and can't do. You are getting big. That is so hot.

i also can barely squeeze in an airplane seat. my seat buckle has been as big as it can for awhile now. i may have to get an extender next time. i also can not fit any belts around me

Wow. That is so very hot. your belly is getting so big and sexy.

So hot!