On The Path To Forgiveness

until recently i belived you mistreated me..insulted me .i developed a grudge against u...i hold u responsible for things i ve started to feel now..i thought you should not ve said things u did..i loved u but i hated you..dats right. i thought you played with my head. i thought you were trying to destroy me.and ..what not...

it was hurting me beyond hurt ..i cudnt let go of anger ..n then it dawned on me..dat it was i ,, who was hurting you...playing with ur head.... n everything,. leading u to nowhere....saying things i knew ,,were false n unreal...imposing my madness n stupidity on you..vexing u to a limit where you had to be rude. i didnt give u many options..my stupidity had ust one answer...

i m sorry fr being such n idiot...i will try to behave myself in de future.
saarah79 saarah79
26-30, F
Dec 1, 2012