Sometimes When I Am Bored, All Of A Sudden I Get Very Angry

I know you probably would say go out and do something. But I live on the south side of a city. I am like 30 miles from downtown. 30 miles. Then I am ashamed of being overweight. Lets not get into the fact, there are girls that walk past me all the time. There is nothing worse than taking 2 bus just to go to the healthclub. My dad says in order to use the car, I have to take the car to get a oil change. I don't like going to do things that requires wait. I don't like to wait. I want to be successful right now. Right now, at this moment. My cousin, Will have the best life. Why is his life so successful. I had to have extremely obese parents, that can careless about health. I have a fat female cousin, and a fat uncle, and a fat aunt. I mean, why I couldn't have a family that cared about health. No one in my family cares about health. My father is worse culprit of them all. And I am very angry about it. My sister went to a predominantly caucasian school, and she lost all her weight. She is slim and trimmed. I can't stand living here with my fat parents. They just depress me. They ******* depress me. Then my father says don't worry about me. Should I hit him. I mean I don't see nothing wrong with doing it. But I should go on and knock his lights out.

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sometimes, a lot, in life we have to wait, thats just the way it is. and just because your family isn't mindful of their health doesn't mean that you have to follow suit. it's not easy, i know, but taking even the smallest steps to improve your health can be beneficial.

Wow really hit your father?? Why don't you go raise kids just to have them hit you... You said you live away from the city, so go running... I go in the early morning when it is still dark because I don't like people around/looking at me.... And its cold and everyone is asleep... I still kind of fat, What really helped me was to stop drinking all forms of soda, and icecream... I still eat pizza, steak, mcdonalds.... But soda ruins people...... Your just going to keep getting fatter, so man up and change it! I found that getting a short haircut makes me feel 20% better...

I don't like being trapped. I hate it, hate it, hate it. I want to be skinny, for Christ's sake. Now I know a lot of people would say go on and do it then. But the thing is, my dad wants his car taken to get a oil change. Then i wear all black. I have only one winter jacket, and it is black. And women see me, and they start moving away from me, and it seems like they want to hold their purse.