I have a wonderful girlfriend that I have a great relationship with. I have always had a bit of anxiety but recently I have had anxiety surrounding a particular issue with her. I consistently worry that I will not be able to get an erection to have sex with her. She is a virgin, so I have built up this whole idea in my head that if I am unable to have sex with her that I should be embarrassed. I consistently worry that I won't have sex with her, and we will break up and all my friends will find out that I was unable to have sex with her. I worry that my friends with ridicule me because of this. And lastly, I worry that the more I worry about this, the more anxious I will feel... and thus the harder it will be to get an erection. Loooool YAY! Thats just a little worry I have, it helps to share about it.
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The more you stress about it the more likely it is to happen. Change your thinking. Every time you catch yourself doing it change the subject in your head. Remind yourself you are young and healthy it is very unlikely you will experience ED for at least another 20 years.
By then you will not be discussing your sex life with friends but rather your doc. lol

Thanks JennaR, however its a bit difficult to just NOT think about something. Thought suppression never works for me. I more try to be comfortable with the thoughts and not react to them in an anxious way.

I have found it takes a couple of months of being consistent for it to work for me. Habits only take a few days to develop, breaking habits at least a month. If only it were as easy to get rid of the habits we hate as it is to get them.