Is I'm In Love Or It's Just a Feeling Inorder Not to Feel Lonely???

It's so hard when someone feels as if he found his real love but actually he is trying to cover his lonelyness so he live in a dream that he draw it in a bright colores then after many conditions he wakeup and realize ohhh what i'm doing in my self?? that is not what i whant and this person i don't love him but the time is over and he can't change anything now. I know that whom will read my letter may not understand what i mean exactly but it's a real truth that i'm living now and whom experience the same condition may understand me more , anyway i write this now inorder to feel for once in my life that i said what i feel without any cheat not on my self and also not on any other person . Sometimes there is some dicission that took but we didn't realize the effect of it .

Princessa23 Princessa23
22-25, F
Feb 18, 2009