Who Am I Now?

I find as the years pass by and I get older, that I'm no longer the person that I used to be.In fact, I feel as if my personality has flattened and I have lost touch with being me.

Back in HS and even my early twenties, I still did things..I went to church, went hiking, went to the diner with friends, was in GS, always had people calling me, etc.

I use to have strong opinions on various topics. Now, I could care less or just don't seem to have a thought towards most subjects. Now, I go to work, come home, play on computer, watch tv with my fiance, then go to sleep.

What has happened to my life? Is this what I have to live with until I someday have a kid and then live vicariously through them?

I think this may happen to a lot of people when they get in their mid to late twenties and older. When does a sense of self return? Does it ever?

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3 Responses Mar 14, 2007

I am 56 years old. I have steadily been losing close friends for the last 2 years. It's not because of arguments or anything in particular, I find we have nothing in common, they are busy with their own lives, and I live alone and don't mind being alone, all of the time. This is completely opposite of my former life. What's happening to me?

I would never put your fr<x>ame of mind back to your high school days. As you get older, things just don't interest you in the same way. I bet if you went back to high school it would feel weird. It is not who you are now. Just like they say "who you are never changes but who you are is always changing". There is something out there that you don't know about that you will like. You just have to find it. Let old experiences be and find new ones.

This does happen to alot of people, and the more active you " used to be " the more you notice and worry about it. I have been there too. But I've finally come to the point of ACCEPTING the change in me. For ME 2 reasons brought the changes. 1. As a youth we tend to be more energetic and naive. We're ready to take on THE WORLD then. As we age, we realize the futility in that and are satisfied to take on the LOCAL STUFF. 2. My physical energy drained more with the coming of children and family. I think this happens alot to women. Now to financially succeed with the family, both mates pretty much have to work. We've had to become Superwomen with the jobs, kids, home, hubbies, ect. I've learned to stop trying to whirlwind my energy into EVERYTHING I think needs done. That's one of the biggest energy zappers physically and mentally. I divvy up time and projects. Sometimes not wonderfully successful, but it's a start, and it works for me.