I don't know if I should answer him "yes", because I don't know which is which, is it because I love him or pity him? I don't even know what should I feel about him right now.

Seeing his vulnerable side, I really... I don't even know what's the word for it. I don't wanna hurt him nor lead him on anymore, I just wanna be straightforward about it and I just wanna have my best friend back, the one who's always jolly, the guy who doesn't care what life brings him, the guy who doesn't know how to bottle up his feelings and MY BEST FRIEND WHO WASN'T SELFISH.

I don't wanna take that risk of owning him because if I will, who'll be my wing-man if I need one? Who am I gonna talk to about dirty stuff? and who's gonna be my best friend who acts like an older bother? :(

*The picture tells what I want him to know*
Sakihiro Sakihiro
18-21, F
Aug 22, 2014