It Never Ends .

i can't ever make it stop . it's not because of anything specific . or maybe it's extremely specific . i've been getting this feeling a lot lately, a lot more than usual at least . i've got a great boyfriend, my parents are backing out of my life, things are starting to look like a normal life should . but i can't shake this . i can feel my heart chipping away slowly and all i want to do is block everyone out . everyone ive ever let in has hurt me . i hurt myself . i let myself get hurt . i wish i could just lock my heart away and protect it, but i don't think i have the capability . i have this constant searching for love, for attention, and all it ends up in is me getting hurt . i think i hurt myself more than i'd like to admit . i don't know what's wrong with me . i can feel it chipping away, and i'm just wondering how much longer i have left before i become a shadow of myself . it's so late, and i can't sleep . the pain is keeping me awake . at least i'm not crying anymore tonight ....
MyFriendsWang420 MyFriendsWang420
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 16, 2007

im the same way except i dnt hav a bf