Word Vomit

Everyday is harder than the one before it.

It's been two weeks since I was let go. I haven't found anything and I am now broke, my boyfriend is taking care of all the expenses and I just feel so guilty.

Everyday I sit for hours searching for jobs with very little success. I had one interview, but it was too far and I couldn't make it.

I just feel so useless in life right now. I can't work on my projects because of lack of motivation. I am in a constant state of fickleness, not sure if I am sad or happy, I'm just trying to push through. I feel as though my life is at a stand still and I am just praying it will eventually find its way.

Like a veil is covering my view and I can't seem to pull the veil away... and then I just feel this overwhelming fear and I can't breathe. I try and tell myself it will be okay, that I just need to have patience... I'm just uncertain about everything right now and I need to figure it out.

thejoneses thejoneses
26-30, F
May 11, 2012