The Water Holds My Heart And Soul

I have two ponds at my house just in case I can't get to the water. Because I fish every day I'm either at the river, a pond or at the lake I love so much. Water soothes my broken spirit, helps to mend my broken heart and provides serenity for my aching soul. I have over 4000 pix on my phone... Mostly of the places I fish. Each day the water is different, dark and forbidding or clear blue and inviting. Nothing beats sunrise, sunset or a full moon when standing on the shore of the most beautiful place on earth.

All I need to do is close my eyes when I am at the lake and I can feel my love brush the hair off my face, hear him whisper "I love you sweetheart" and feel him next to me once again. The lake holds his spirit now and my heart and soul. I only hope that one day I will be able to stand on another shore and kindle new memories. Memories of life and love instead of the death of love and the end of his life.
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May 15, 2012