Oceans And Rivers

I have never been much of a lake person.  Being raised in Long Beach, CA and always having access to the beach I didn't need to bother with any other bodies of water.  I was a scuba diver for awhile and that gave me a real sense of how vast the ocean was, when you were seeing it from underneath.  I was also a fisherman for a while, and there was always something calming about putting your line in the water and waiting for something to happen.  I also need a fair amount of surfing, both board and body and always enjoyed being in/on the water.  Dealing with the ocean also made me feel small because you always had to keep at least one eye on the ocean at all times, it could kill you in a heart beat if you weren't care, but even with that I always had a sense of peace around the ocean

gettinsum1 gettinsum1
56-60, M
Feb 13, 2010