I'm Afraid To Talk On The Phone

I have always been afraid to talk on the phone.  I get this kind-of-sick  feeling in my stomach every time I hear the phone ring, and I have always let it ring until someone leaves a message, or not.  I would check the caller ID and see if I know who it is.  If I didn't recognize the name, I wouldn't even call them back.  Recently, though, I have made a resolve.  I now try (for a couple of weeks) to answer it every time it rings...  It is getting easier, but the fear is still there.
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that is quite odd, but yes, I also check the ID before I answer.. I don't like surprises

I've been answering alot lately, mostly to say "stop calling me!" The ringing doesn't bother me much, it sounds like church bells... :-)

ring ring

ring ring

ring ring

AHHHHHHHUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FRUSTRATING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's kinda how it is for me, too. I can talk to my bro, or his family, and some associates, but I would rather go streaking in the snow than answer or call someone I don't know. lol

I don't mind answering the phone, but I don't like having to ring people up! It isn't so bad if I know the person, but if it's a stranger then I usually feel pretty awkward.

Thanx Sam. I usually just let it go to voicemail if I don't know the number, but in the last few months I have been doing better about answering it... You didreply via PM before. xx

Thank you for the good advise!

Thanx for the advice, and the comment. As far as biting, if they are cute female Vampyres, I welcome it, otherwise, not really into the biting bit. Althogh, with some people, I'd be willing to give it a try. I know what you meant, and I am working on it, but it's not so easy for me. I just can't get on the phone and talk to someone I don't know, and I love beautiful women, but I can't say a word to them in public. I freeze up like a pubescent teenager!

My advice is pick up the phone answer it if you don't like talking to the person on the other end HANG UP!! If it's really important they will call back and leave a message.. Talking to people in person is the not so easy. I work as a home health care person and have to meet new people everyday, so I have to talk to them weather i want to or not. Saying HI and thanks or your welcome is talking, but if the other person tries to hard it does make talking to them more difficult!!! Good luck....NO FEAR... they won't bite...WELL A SELECT FEW MAYBE!!! LOL

Well thank you! No offense meant, I believe that a psychiatrist would find me interesting, as well.

Of course it is "in a good way"! Otherwise, I wouldn't bother.

It's okay. My computer updates while I am typing, and I have to look at the keyboard, so I don't catch all of my typos, either. I think that her friend was too overbearing, and she was talking to me like she knows me, and I had never met her before in my life.

I am happy that you find me interesting, but is that in a good way? :-)

Yikes! My grammer! Sorry, typos.

Yeah "Wow"! Look at how much you have to say when YOU want to talk! : )

Hence my point. Be comfortable in your silence and don't let people make you feel you owe it to them to speak.

Did you feel pressured to talk to the gregarious friend because she was being polite and talking to you? I hate inane, polite chit-chat so OTHER people feel comfortable.

BTW, I was a phlebotomist years ago. Tell your friend the "high school" atmosphere only gets worse and she better take care. I suppose it is because phlebotomy is the lowest rung on the medical ladder, high turn-over rate, and the ones that don't move on are bitter minimum wage earners. Oh, and that whole area is full of kids and women! It's the worst! You do end up make minimum wage or slighty higher than. ( I emphasize "slightly".)I hope she really loves it or it is just a stepping stone to another medical career, because if it's not, tell her it's not worth it. Gee, that was uplifting, wasn't it? : )

I hope I'm not being too over-bearing. I just find you interesting is all. : )

Superior oil,

I am not afraid of the actual phone. I like phones. :-) I am afraid to talk to people whom I do not know. I can't even start up a conversation in the hallways at a college.

I went to the university yesterday to help someone I used to work with. She's taking phlebotomy, as part of her medical training, and she needed to demonstrate that she could put a needle in the veins in a person's hand, and in the crook of your elbow. She had missed school on the day when everyone did it in class, and she had to make it up.

So her husband, and I volunteered for her to draw blood from us, along with a few of her friends. She needed 10 subjects and her classmates didn't want to help, because she's poor, and she can't afford the uniforms that are required... So she goes to class wearing her own clothes that fit the criteria for nursing. Color doesn't matter, and the College America logo isn't important, so she can get her "scrubs" at discount, and the other students are all wearing the "official" uniform... They act like school kids.

She was so scared of messing up! I told her to relax, and she was able to poke my hands 3 times and get blood, and she was able to hit the vein in my arm and get blood there as well. She had success, and got the credit she needed, with all of our help. But I have no idea who her friends are, or her classmates. I didn't talk to any of them. I saw them all. Her classmates did look like they were doing well with money, and her friends looked like they were pretty much in the same boat as she... But she is trying to get a degree in nursing so that she can improve her status, and she's not going to forget her friends.

Wow, okay. point is, I need to make myself talk to people. I can talk to her husband, he is a nice guy, and not so difficult, because she always talked about him at work... But her friend Kitt was trying to talk to me, very gregarious, and all I could do was just smile and nod, with an occasional "oh, yeah?" or "really?".

The phone is worse. I can hang it up, or not answer at all. I need to make myself answer it, and TALK to people.

Is it the actual phone/talking you are afraid of or the person on the other end of the line? I do the same things, but I don't have a fear of the phone/talking. I used to get that sick feeling a lot when the phone rang because I didn't want to deal with people and their invasion into my time and privacy. I would fear what someone would want of me, the fact that I'd probably give in, and guilt over the whole situation. Because a simple phone was a "whole situation" in my mind. The sick feeling went away when I realized that I don't owe anyone a thing. I don't have to answer a call and accept that demand. The phone is there for MY convenience and NOT for everyone else. "Social Anxiety"... shmocial anxiety. Anxieties are normal and maybe you have them because most of society sucks. Now, if you are actually afraid of the physical might have more problems. j/k :)

Thank you for your advise. I am trying to answer the phone without checking the caller ID, because I don't think I would still answer if I didn't recognize their number.

Thank you. You were the inspiration for me to post this. In our conversation, I realized this is what it's all about. Right?