I Can't Stand It!

I don't know why but I absolutely hate talking on the phone! I only like to talk on the phone if I have something urgent to say but I would much rather talk to whomever in person. I will say though that I love my smart phone that I got for Christmas. I don't use it much for talking but I use it for everything else. Who would have thought that a phone could take your heart rate?! I found an application where it actually takes your heartrate using the camera & light! Technology can be so interesting sometimes.
rickstauc1 rickstauc1
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1 Response Jan 1, 2011

I hate talking on the phone too. Especially when I know that there's not much to say and there will be that awkward silence somewhere in the convo. I prefer to text most people, and will call them if I know I have lots to say that will make the convo last more than 15 minutes before the awful awkward silence. <br />
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Funny, I too barely use my phone for phone calls. Usually I use it to text, do email, or surf the 'net.