Student Finance

I hate phoning companies because I just know how awkward it is, especially when it's a foreigner answering the phone. Usually, I find it very hard to understand their accent and they also have trouble understanding mine due to my thick common accent so it's very awakward and we're on the phone for ages trying to get our messages across.

I especially hate phoning the student loan company because they are extremely annoying. Not only are they very incompetent and cannot complete the simplest of tasks, most of the people have very thick Scottish accents which I just don't understand at all so I am constantly asking them to repeat what they're saying which gets very irritating so I usually have to pass on the phone to either my partner or my nan.

I have to phone them up again soon to check up on my status of my next set of student loan. I am very much dreading this phone call..
BeautyOfSuffering BeautyOfSuffering
26-30, F
Feb 27, 2012