Professional V/s Personal

I work on the phone.  I spend 8 hrs a day speaking to people.  I have no problems using the phone at work.  I put on my "professional" voice & go to work.  I've had family call me at work & not even recognize me.  

At home I don't even want to answer the phone.  I think this stems from hearing the phones ring for 8hrs a day.  In the 17yrs I've been working, it seems I've only answered my home phone a few dozen times!  If not for caller ID, I might not answer it at all. 

This changed somewhat when I got a cell phone & was getting calls on that from all most all people I cared to talk to.  Not to mention you could set a ring that was not annoying! 

I depend on my cell phone alot, but I still would rather talk face to face with someone.  As long as there is something to say I'm okay.  But I hate periods of silence & trying to think of something to say, and saying I'm going to hang up now without being rude is a challenge.  I don't mean to be rude, but I think some people take it personally when I don't want to talk anymore.  It's not really that I don't want to talk to that person, it's just that I'm tired of holding the phone & could be doing other things that require 2 hands! 

Want to keep me happy & comfortable?    Keep it short (& sweet)!

darlene darlene
41-45, F
Nov 11, 2007