Poor Animals

I feel sorry fo rthe way some people treat their pets. They shouldn't have pets at all. Pets to me are like your own children. They should be treated with respect that you would give to a kid.
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3 Responses Aug 8, 2010

Too true, Ayahuasca. If you're not a cute, lovable sweet animal, or you don't kiss humans *****, then you're in for a rough ride in this world.

I believe that Animals will get even. When they have been treated badly. Thats why I treat animals with respect.

Amen to that statement, I am a huge animal lover, you may see me post many more comments about how much I love them and will do everything in my power to allow these God given gifts a better life to live. I seen a man swing his dog by its collar from the ground to the mans head, and I asked him if he would give me his dog, but unfortunately he refused but I believe that me sticking up for that dog and telling him he shouldn't be doing that and warning him he will be caught scared him a lot and by the look on his face he was scared, all I did for the past months were cry and pray every night for these precious creatures and spacifically for that dog and others that are being abused that I dont know of. It is God's job to take care of his creation and He hears my prayers. He is love and he made the world and everything in it, so I trust that that dog is just fine. God is good.