Aww.. I Feel Bad

heyy peeps..

i feel really bad for animals.. especially at those places lyk the RSPCA and the pound.. if nobody takes them they get put down   if only i could save up the money to take a homeless animal but as u can tell by my stories im hopeless at saving. what about those places that have them as testing animals its sooo... cruel!! they living creatures too you know? and then they lock them up in cages. awww i wish all animals had homes and dont have to be put down just because nobody wanted them..

Please help the animals!

Luv Alyx xo

Alyx Alyx
18-21, F
1 Response May 3, 2007

You could join a group that helps to find homes for these animals. It is volunteer but it helps. If you foster while a family is found they supply everything.<br />
Places like Boxer Rescue and such. They also take abused animals or animals that people get but then can't handle. Spread the word. These places are better than animal shelters. They could also use 'one time' support money. I suck at saving too... real bad. So I give 50 or so when I can. Every little bit adds up and helps. This year without realizing I gave 410.00 I was shocked when I got my Tax Receipt!