It's So Sad..

I just saw a documentation about dancing bears... and they don't even have to die, like many others.. for example rabbits: (vierpfoten is an organisation from austria that helps all kind of animals.. vier pfoten means "4 paws")
Now I'm crying again. I feel soo sorry for all the animals. And I hate this ignorance of people that eat meat. They don't realise that it's an animal and not a thing they eat. They could stand next to the animal and feed it or stroke it or hug or whatever.. Do you want to eat this cute animal? There are so many ******* unimportant things people all over the world talk about, like if being gay is bad, or if janet jackson has a nipple piercing or things like that. But nobody ever talks about the fact that meat lived once. It wasn't born as a steak or minced meat.. It was a cow, or pig, or something else before.. having a tortured live until they get killed.. Just to be eaten by you... Do you want to be a culprit for hundreds or in your lifetime thousands of animals? We don't need meat to survive... If you eat enough tofu and stuff it's even healthier to be a vegetarian.
And I'm sick and tired of people bringing the "food chain" argument forward... I don't know if something like this exists in english, but there is an idiom in german that says "So if somebody jumped of a bridge, you would too?" It's used if people often imitate others thoughtless.. So only because everybody (well thank god, not everybody) eats meat, you do too?
I'm not this person, that tells people that eat meat, that they should stop... But why shouldn't i stand by my opinion...
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Jul 9, 2007